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Proactive Security Awareness

Both in the cyber context and in the daily life, what often makes difference is human factor.
Even the most efficient IT solution may result useless if who operate on it does not use best practice and common sense. The same goes for common life matter, whereas it is crucial to be able to see and, as a result, to be able to identify danger situations. Nevertheless, in order to see it you must to know what to look at.
BITCORP, together with the experience gained by founders in government intelligence, it relies on an established network composed of TECHINT and HUMINT professionals.
The output is a wide series of training courses, both theoretical and on-the-field, even outdoor, which range from information and data management, to counter-surveillance techniques, from Travel Risk Media to HEAT courses.

Cyber Security training

- Policies
- Permissions
- Privacy
- Phishing
- Intellectual Property
- Corporate assets
- Software attacks
- Web attacks, privilege escalation, sql injection, memory error
- Hardware attacks
- Side channel, soft-errors
- Attacks against personnel
- Theft of credentials, token, extortion and corruption

Executive training

BITCORP deliver very specific trainings addressed to the top-level managers of the client company.
The topics covered during these training will focus on the management of different scenarios, such as:

- Insiders
How to understand compliance, carry out inspections, and not to abuse of the particular administrative power

- Competitors
Detailed analysis of the client market and of the possible competitors attacks, both direct or on commission

- Dark web
How to use ToR to look for the client data, how to deal with negotiations and ransom attacks to avoid dissemination of sensitive data.

- Best Practices
Advanced cryptography in telecommunications.

- Policies
description and implementation of shared procedures based on the classification of clearance levels for docs and mail on the web, as well as procedures for authorizing processes for payments above a certain value.

Humint training

In order to preserve sensitive information, and thanks to the experience on institutional intelligence, BITCORP can deliver training on different operational techniques such as:
- Counter information
- Body language analysis
- Surveillance/Countersurveillance
- Location and detection of hostile information reconnaissance

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Registered office: via Monte Bianco 2/A 20149 Milano
Milan Operational headquarters: Galleria del Corso 4 20121 Milano
Rome Operational headquarters: Via Ludovisi 16 00187 Roma
Research laboratory: Via Schiaffino 25 20158 Milano
P.IVA/C.F.: IT10273460963 | N. REA: MI-2521794
Share capital: € 200.000,00 i.v.

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