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New demands require new solutions, which is why those who want to act as hi tech troubleshooters in markets and institutions have to work using a high index of creativity. Creativity, imagination and the human vision are combined with the logic of mathematics to create solutions in the field of Information Technology (IT). Ergo, creativity at the service of technology.
Our work covers everything from Web reputation to programming, transaction encryption and the creation of specific vehicles for transmission. In short, we offer the widest possible spectrum of customization for our customers, to ensure extraordinary strategic advantages and the maximum degree of effectiveness.

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The soft power: Web logic, reputation & market projection

Internet and the web are now an extension of space, a daily reality that increases our exposure to the outside world and defines a new form of human interaction. Terms such as social networks, blogs and posts are now in common use worldwide and are used daily by millions of people of all ages. Understanding the implications of this dimension on the lives of individuals and companies can be complex. The algorithms of communication and influence, the semantic web, wikis or the functioning of search engines, are aspects that are not yet within everyone's reach. Knowing how to navigate the web, dark and deep web, TOR networks and Onion sites, and virtual machines and circuit dematerialization are one of our strengths thanks to our deep knowledge of infrastructure and network systems.
The Web plays an important role in shaping public opinion through social media. It is a privileged player in today's soft power strategies as well as in the dissemination of news, real or fake. It represents for Bitcorp a tool, an ally, the theatre of operations but also an environment to be explored and studied continuously, it is our world: the 4.0 world.

The strong point

Creativity is our strength, guiding us through the most challenging needs, of the market, giving us the indispensable ability to transcend the ordinary. In fact, thinking outside the box produces unique solutions to problems, and solutions to unique problems.
Creativity might often evoke the work of an artist, but creativity is the actual engine of mathematical thought and has guided human evolution, from the invention of the wheel to space travel. Bitcorp offers creative research, always subject to the principles of timeliness and cost-effectiveness.
In general, academic knowledge and the inferential attitude in the analysis of a problem represent a guide towards the most suitable tools for a current and effective service, where there is no preexisting framework, it has been widely proven to be able to develop innovating ad hoc solutions.

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