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Conspicuous company resources have been invested to design and test an entirely "Italian method" based on a combination of logic protocol and transport capable of increasing the security of communications by integrating the blockchain paradigm and the circuit dematerialization of the necessary infrastructure. This method can be perfectly integrated into existing telco infrastructures and can therefore be used both at a macro level, up to a global scale, and at a micro level, as specific operational, corporate/industrial, diplomatic and military networks.

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Transport Encripted Protocol (TEP)

TEP is a new communication protocol of our exclusive invention that applies the blockchain paradigm to telecommunications. The infrastructure is based on Virtual BTS (Base Transceiver Station), in which the traditional BTS physical circuits are replaced by a microcomputer, which contains a dematerialized logic circuit that, through different softwares, "simulates" the same operations traditionally performed by the physical circuits of the current BTS.
TEP is an innovative encrypted communication method based on the blockchain paradigm, which guarantees 100% transmission security, since the encapsulated data are not subject to any form of interception. Any type of attack, such as "man in the middle", would result in the destruction of the encrypted keys located in each virtual BTS (Base Transceiver Station), which in turn would prevent data loss and breach.
TEP is composed of a Logical Protocol (PL) and a Transport Protocol (PT), just like TCP/IP; however, it covers all seven ISO/OSI levels, unlike TCP which covers only 5.
The PL of TEP consists of a software able to perform a communication based on cryptographic packets, composed according to specific encapsulation methodology. They operate on call and generates answers resulting from the encrypted data along the blockchain paradigm.
The PL encapsulation methodology can be compared to the Chinese box schema. Looking at TCP/IP , one can notice that in TEP encapsulation is only relative to PL, while in TCP/IP it also includes PT. Also in ISO/Osi stacking level 6 "presentation" and 5 "session" are not native. TCP/IP does not provide native encryption unlike TEP. Our encapsulation has a much more simplified header, with a single layer compared to the 12 sub-levels of TCP/IP. Furthermore, unlike TCP and IP, which have a header for each protocol, our encapsulation methodology has a sum of two protocols, simplifying the system. Another significant difference is in the address registry. TEP uses a distributed hash registry that improves and speeds up routing operations.

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