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Having vision and believing in something new at a time when a phenomenon is still at its early stage is fundamental to build innovative cultural paradigms. The development of crypto art and collectibles is a great opportunity, from an artistic point of view, as well as from an economic and social perspective.

In fact, the sphere of Non-Fungible Tokens is developing increasingly according to the logic of community related to the social impact and / or to the utility that native blockchain projects bring with them. Not surprisingly, these very projects are the most successful ones. This dynamic exponentially broadens the influence of this fascinating phenomenon. The highest utility level for an NFT, is its the utility in the real world. That is, when a NFT owner is entitled to certain benefits or opportunities as a result his or her property, or when the owner can contribute to a cause he or she feels strongly about. There is no doubt that the traditional adoption of the NFT will always be more and more linked to this form of utility. In order for the NFT projects to continue to prosper, as many other projects have done so far, they will have to demonstrate, in one way or another, how they can represent a plus, or added value, to our lives and the communities they refer to. This means always moving towards more significant types of utility: offering direct financial incentives, providing advantages in the real word, activating charity campaigns, or building a long-lasting community with specific goals.

BitCorp’s Digital Art Department (DAD) has chosen to operate in this direction, supporting collectors, art galleries, institutions and visionary brands that want to invest in this extremely diversified field looking for quality, rarity, economic and collective utility, contributing to the projects-related goals, in a pragmatic fashion.
Owning a project’s NFT means indeed investing in the future of the project itself, as it no longer entails unidirectional transactions. This creates a healthy economic process through which the funds collected from the sales of a drop are utilized to set off a mutual fund, with the objective, for examples, of giving back to the community. It also can contribute to social enterprise projects that collaborate with worldwide known digital artists to create art works that promote their social causes through artistic means. NFTs can therefore become the base to build a social change that endures time.

BitCorp’s DAD provides his clients with a consulting service based on the selection of the best art projects out there, develops acquisition and portfolio diversification strategies, studies the market, and applies due-diligence practices. All these activities are crucial to direct clients towards informed purchases and to walk them through the process of creation of good art taste and value. Moreover, BitCorp’s DAD assists clients also in possible re-selling onto the secondary market or, as an alternative, staking, liquidity pool, yield farming etc.
The added value BitCorp offers, as opposed to its competitors, resides in its core business: cybersecurity. Market analyses and considerations regarding the quality and rarity of the projects are in fact paired with specialized considerations in this sector. The NFT’s world is filled with frauds, scams, and thefts because of the difficulty of fund recovery of items subjected to such malicious schemes. To this regard, the Digital Art Department at bitCorp, is a unique organization, composed of a working team that has been operating in the art business for over ten years and computer engineers able to identify vulnerabilities exploitable for data or wallet theft attacks, using proprietary technology to assess tokens and smart contracts reliability. The smart contract between bitCorp and its clients meets the highest standards, and it is periodically tested against attacks such as: re-entrancy, front running, ETH send rejection, Insufficient Gas briefing and many others found in the Smart Contract Weakness Classification Registry (SWC Registry). We believe in this evolution, but “it’s probably nothing..”

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