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Bitcorp Art Dept. aims to accompany artists, dealers, institutions, galleries, auction houses and actors who want to interact with art in the definition and practical implementation of technological strategies. In fact, as emerges from the McKinsey Global Survey of executives, Covid_19 has triggered an irreversible and transversal technological development in every business area, at a previously unimaginable pace. Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, NFTs and Smart Contracts are some of the great revolutions that also affect the art industry. They represent new challenges, the deployment of new mental and cultural paradigms, skills that must be built and actions that must be undertaken, as well as a panorama of infinite possibilities and abundance towards new models capable of flanking and supporting those of the physical world. In fact, blockchain guarantees the authenticity, origin, uniqueness, ownership of works of art; an automatic percentage of resale to the artist - comparable to the resale right - on the secondary market and allows also secure payments in crypto currencies. Cybersecurity, especially if based on experimentation with new forms of Artificial Intelligence, allows you to exponentially increase the security of easily hackable data, information and economic transactions, as perfectly illustrated by Tim Schneider in “The Gray Market: Why a Colossal Hack of US Interests Should Wake Up the Art Industry to Cybersecurity Threats (and Other Insights)". NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), supported by a decentralized system such as blockchain, allow you to buy, display and sell collectibles such as digital works of art without having to ship, frame, preserve, insure, or store the work itslef, but the opposite is also true. A physical work of art can also be associated with an NFT. Smart Contracts allow transparency, automation, security and all these technologies can be integrated with each other. We are at the very beginning of a profound cultural revolution, a hybrid era in which physical reality is expanded and codified according to unprecedented paradigms. The rules of the experience linked to art and the construction of its value are currently being rewritten: the ideal moment to make art and technology dialogue together.

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Registered office: via Monte Bianco 2/A 20149 Milano
Milan Operational headquarters: Galleria del Corso 4 20121 Milano
Rome Operational headquarters: Via Ludovisi 16 00187 Roma
Research laboratory: Via Schiaffino 25 20158 Milano
P.IVA/C.F.: IT10273460963 | N. REA: MI-2521794
Share capital: € 200.000,00 i.v.

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