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Bitcorp was born as an advanced security solution for Public Administration and companies. It is a creative intelligence laboratory capable of interpreting individual needs and providing the most appropriate solutions of both offensive and defensive nature, working prevalently in- but not limited to- the IT and Telco industries.

Christian Persurich Dettagli Christian Persurich


Gianluca Tirozzi Dettagli Gianluca Tirozzi


Greta Scarpa Dettagli Greta Scarpa

Chief Executive Officer

Gabriele Pegoraro Dettagli Gabriele Pegoraro

Chief Innovation Officer

Luca Piccirillo Dettagli Luca Piccirillo

Software & Network Security Engineer

Marco Ferrarini Dettagli Marco Ferrarini

Big Data Analyst

Luis Ibanez Dettagli Luis Ibanez

Software & Network Security Engineer

Paola Trovisi Dettagli Paola Trovisi

Responsabile Amministrativa

Gabriele Piazzolla Dettagli Gabriele Piazzolla

Linux/UNIX System Engineer

Nancy Laurenda Dettagli Nancy Laurenda

Software & TELCO Engineer

Aurelio Loris Canino Dettagli Aurelio Loris Canino

Software & TELCO Engineer

Marilù Pagano Dettagli Marilù Pagano

Copywriter e Social Media Manager


Adherence to the present combined with a deep knowledge of the past, in terms of building progress, makes it possible to anticipate the future. This is one of the main factors that has characterized the research and development of our products so far. Bitcorp research keeps the focus on the need of the near and far future, yet it finds its starting point in the analysis of the past, in terms of scientific literature, experience and actual production. In this way it is possible to identify alternative paths to those that dominate the scene, anticipating the future and performing to the highest standards.


Experientia docet. Bitcorp is the product of the union between individuals with excellent professional paths in absolutely niche areas within the field of Intelligence. The founding members of our agency share a common past in military training and a long experience in the field of counter-terrorism. Their extensive experience and skills, acquired through operating in emergency settings and the profound knowledge of the offensive strategies used by criminals in the sphere of information acquisition and espionage, have channeled into the creation of highly advanced forms of defense and cyber-attacks.


Knowing how to interpret the future based on present signals and past history, by inferentially combining data is what makes a good analyst. The pairing of this competency with the ability to operate in highly critical contexts, and to take on significant responsibilities under strict deadlines, is what made us special department operators in the intelligence world. This approach continues to accompany us in the corporate world, with a vision that follows strategic assessments and careful planning of the company and its industrial development plan.

Our Values

We firmly believe in the opportunity to boost and give impetus to the community. We interpret our doing business as the continuation of our service to our State, begun solemnly in the last decade of the last century with the choice to wear a uniform and take on a professional path characterized by fatigue, willingness and exposure to risk.
The protection of data and communications, and therefore the protection of knowledge, is an element of strategic defense increasingly threatened in this cybernetic era. BITCORP aims to protect this immense value and, at the same time, to contribute to its evolution through courageous choices and investments in terms of research and development of new methods and products.

Our Method

The research and development of complex solutions cannot be separated from the scientific research methodology, are aimed to maintain or create security and are cut for the specific needs of the commissioner, or client. The main determinants of the research processes are values and interests. They can be internal, such as the development of methods and new products to be introduced to the market, or external, such as the study of solutions for specific issues.
In summary: the aim of the research determines the tool!

Social engineering

Offensive and defensive activities find in the human element an impassable limit for current machines.
What Bitcorp intends to provide is a method that allows the acquisition in the field, the empirical control and the “resilience” of highly qualitative and qualified information, taking into account validity and reliability of the information, the invisibility of the operation and its tactical success in virtue of preset strategic results.

Scientific Method and Social Research

Scientific knowledge can be achieved by different methods, all of which are equally useful and relevant. Social research deals precisely with the problems related to the identification of the most appropriate methods in relation to a specific issue or problem to be investigated. Each method can make use of different techniques.
Generally, research is done to build our situational awareness regarding an issue. The most frequently used terms refer primarily to improving our ability to describe social phenomena. At a later stage, it is affirmed that the cognitive capacity is deeper if an individual is also able to explain and, consequently, to predict social phenomena. On closer inspection, we are not talking about three distinct intentions, or tasks, or even the achievement of increasingly "higher" levels of knowledge because describing a phenomenon with precision cannot be separated from the description of the circumstances that accompany that phenomenon or that exclude or limit the possibility of its occurrence.
As we have seen, the research process provides for the formulation of hypotheses that must be subject to empirical control of their "resilience" and, to this end, data must be collected "in the field", questioning (in a broad sense) social reality. This can be done using the numerous surveying tools that the intellect and imagination of generations of scholars have been able to make available to us. In order to identify the most appropriate tools to be used, depending on the cognitive problem to be faced, it is necessary to take into account two crucial requirements: validity and reliability.
- Validity is the suitability of a method, technique or indicator to be used for the targeted objective.
- Reliability usually refers to the technical level of research: instruments are reliable when the result of their repeated use remains solid.

Patent Transport Encripted Protocol (TEP)

TEP is a new communication protocol of our exclusive invention that applies the blockchain paradigm to telecommunications. The infrastructure is based on Virtual BTS (Base Transceiver Station), in which the traditional BTS physical circuits are replaced by a microcomputer, which contains a dematerialized logic circuit that, through different softwares, "simulates" the same operations traditionally performed by the physical circuits of the current BTS.
TEP is an innovative encrypted communication method based on the blockchain paradigm, which guarantees 100% transmission security, since the encapsulated data are not subject to any form of interception. Any type of attack, such as "man in the middle", would result in the destruction of the encrypted keys located in each virtual BTS (Base Transceiver Station), which in turn would prevent data loss and breach.
TEP is composed of a Logical Protocol (PL) and a Transport Protocol (PT), just like TCP/IP; however, it covers all seven ISO/OSI levels, unlike TCP which covers only 5.
The PL of TEP consists of a software able to perform a communication based on cryptographic packets, composed according to specific encapsulation methodology. They operate on call and generates answers resulting from the encrypted data along the blockchain paradigm.
The PL encapsulation methodology can be compared to the Chinese box schema. Looking at TCP/IP , one can notice that in TEP encapsulation is only relative to PL, while in TCP/IP it also includes PT. Also in ISO/Osi stacking level 6 "presentation" and 5 "session" are not native. TCP/IP does not provide native encryption unlike TEP. Our encapsulation has a much more simplified header, with a single layer compared to the 12 sub-levels of TCP/IP. Furthermore, unlike TCP and IP, which have a header for each protocol, our encapsulation methodology has a sum of two protocols, simplifying the system. Another significant difference is in the address registry. TEP uses a distributed hash registry that improves and speeds up routing operations.

Certification ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2015 is the international standard for a quality management system (“QMS”).
Besides helping companies improving efficiency and performance of the production processes, ISO 9001:2015 helps improving the client satisfaction.
BITCORP greatly cherish the client satisfaction concept. We pursue daily improvement, in order to satisfy our client needs.

Certification ISO 27001

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (ISO 27001) is the international standard providing requirements for an information security management system (ISMS).
At BITCORP we are proud to be certified ISO 27001 through independent and reliable assessments. Our best practices on information security are in line with the best international ones.
ISO 27001 means peace of mind for our clients. We deal with data and information in the safest and most confidential way.

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