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Discover our new enterprise security platform, Zadig

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Smart thinking

We use dynamic behavioral analysis technologies based on Artificial Intelligence

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Certifications & Patents

Certificazione ISO 9001
Certificazione ISO 27001


Università di Firenze
Università Cattolica di Milano


Foglie stilizzate

ZADIG can become a tool at the full service of the Green Economy

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Innovative defense strategies

Blue Team

Our defensive security professionals are responsible for maintaining customers internal network and increasing its defenses against attacks and threats


Attack tactics

Red Team

Our attack team, able to enter without leaving any trace in the most complex computer systems and break down any form of defense, even the most advanced

Bitcorp Art Dept.

In 2019 BITCORP activated a project under the direction of Greta Scarpa to support the work of young Italian and international artists through the creation of a private art collection and a research laboratory.

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Security Operation Center

Our SOC-as-a-service based on Zadig proprietary software

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Winning solution of the call "Startup per Milano 2020"
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50 €
/ month per user
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ZADIG license
User Behaviour Analytics
Threat Detection 8x5
Alert Management
Log Management
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100 €
/ month per user
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SHIELD package +

Server on premise
Customized AI modeling
Threat Detection 24/7/365
Incident Response
Threat Intelligent Platform
Online learning
Chatbot Help Desk
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150 €
/ month per user
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INSPECTOR package +

Endpoint Monitoring
Network Access Control
Data Loss Prevention
Case studies

A safe bridge between seas

An important healthcare facility in a war torn country experiencing a serious humanitarian crisis in Africa needed to share its patients' medical records with an important Italian hospital facility. Medical records of the country's patients had to be shared quickly yet securely with the Italian facility.

Case studies

Space, the last frontier

For redundancy reasons, satellites have countless channels of communication with the ground station which are attacked daily, even for recreational purposes, by young hackers or criminal organizations. For this reason, a prestigious Italian aerospace company commissioned Bitcorp to find a solution to overcome this sort of threat.

Case studies

A Curious Bank

A Swiss bank needed its own blockchain that could be integrated with the main international financial circuits, as well as represent a further guarantee for its credit cards.


Bitcorp offers solutions to problems in two distinct target markets which can be conventionally labeled as "Institutional" and "corporate". On the one hand, our agency provides the Italian Security Institutions with tools able to maintain the informational supremacy with respect to the principal threats to the community and the capacity of forensic detection in the field of informatics. On the other hand, we operate to satisfy the increasingly important need to protect information and the know-how of individuals and companies exposed to new cyber threats that range from typical ransomwares to much more insidious attacks from the inside, as well as phishing, opening and backdoor manipulation, useful for the inoculation of the dreaded Trojans and spyware. Moreover, we intervene to contrast the threat of cyber-crime, capable of sabotaging strategic infrastructures as well as violating domains and private homes using the interconnectivity of the Internet Of Things (IoT) and thus threatening intellectual property as much as goods and people.


In both realms, the institutional and the corporate, we propose solutions tailored to the customer, utilizing the already described tools among our software and hardware products, and thanks to the ability to create ad hoc tools for specific needs. These peculiar capacities are paired with the set of human skills that include analysis, interpretation of reality and individual threats, and training of the client's personnel for specific technical methodologies and best practices, which are useful for a proactive corporate security, the first and main form of defense against internal and external threats.
If, as far as the institutional environment is concerned, the most proposed solutions, in the form of services, range from data traffic analysis to decryption of the most widespread cryptographic systems, passing through the execution of real man-in-the-middle attacks in the corporate environment, solutions of the Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems (IDPS) type are proposed in house and based on ELK (Elastic, Logstash, Kibana) and Wazuh frameworks.

Proactive security

Cyberterrorismo: definizioni e misure di contrasto

"Se non ci si oppone, se non ci si difende, se non si combatte, la Jihad vincerà" Oriana Fallaci

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Le tecnologie 5G: i tratti essenziali

"Questo è il bello dell'anarchia di Internet...manifestare la propria irrilevanza" Umberto Eco

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Le cyberinvestigazioni giudiziarie

“Non c'è nulla di eticamente riprovevole nelle conoscenze che hanno gli hacker" Jon Erikson

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{News Refresh}: il riepilogo delle nostre pillole digitali

Ti sei perso qualcuno dei nostri articoli e vorresti leggerli tutt

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MediaWorld hackerata da un gruppo di cybercriminali

MediaWorld è stata hackerata da un gruppo di cybercriminali. Grande tensione in corso per l'accaduto

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Le MDO e l'approccio internazionale

"La guerra non si può umanizzare, si può solo abolire." A. Einstein

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A safe bridge between seas
Space, the last frontier
A Curious Bank
BITCORP SRL Registered office: via Monte Bianco 2/A 20149 Milano | Operational headquarters: Galleria del Corso 4 20121 Milano | P.IVA/C.F.: 10273460963 | N. REA: MI-2521794 | Share capital: € 200.000,00 i.v.